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We're gonna be looking at the bicep curl and in particular how to get the most biceps bang for your buck out of the barbell curl and while the curl appears to be a pretty straightforward exercise on the surface as we'll see there's actually quite a bit more complexity and muscular involvement than many people

realize okay so with this movement we're gonna be performing mainly elbow flexion so basically just bending your elbow which contrary to popular belief is in fact handled and mainly by the brachialis muscle that very powerful muscle that sits underneath the biceps and even though you can't see it

superficially when you flex your arms building this muscle will push the biceps brachii up and out more which will increase their appearance of size as well now of course since the biceps brachii do cross the elbow joint they will be doing a lot of work here as well and these two prime movers will get assistance from the brachioradialis muscle on the back of the form now we're also performing wrist supination here so twisting your palm up which will be handled mainly by the biceps and also the supinator muscle of the forearm and supination is actually really important for targeting the biceps because that more  powerful underlying brachialis muscle can't contribute to supination meaning the biceps will have to handle the brunt of the load here also when viewing the curl from the side you can see that some degree of shoulder flexion is happening which is fine the biceps in particular the long head that forms the biceps peak assists the  front delt with shoulder flexion since the biceps also crosses the shoulder joint and can help bring the arm up like in a front raise finally throughout the curl there will be an isometric wrist flexion contraction where the muscles of  the anterior forearm prevent the wrist from bending backward maintaining that neutral wrist position throughout the curl now I put the barbell curl EZ bar

curl and dumbbell curl on pretty much even footing here the main advantage of the barbell curl is that you can more easily apply progressive overload minimal load increases week to week adding just 2.5 pounds to each side as needed. 

You can start with a Single-arm dumbbell preacher curl and you can do it Sets 3 Reps 7-8 Repetitions. 

Similarly, you can do Incline dumbbell curl for Sets 3 Reps 8-10 Repetitions and Dumbbell hammer curl for Sets 3 Reps 10-12 Repetitions without any rest but start with lightweight, and step by step you can increase the weight.

Picture: Bicep Pitcher Curl single arms

During barrel bicep curl workout, close grip hit your pics and wide grip is overall biceps workout.

Rasmus dumbbells you may have to make bigger jumps of 5 pounds per side which could compromise for more delay load progression and while the barbell does allow for a slightly more supinated wrist position than the EZ bar I don't think this difference is practically relevant especially if you queue for supination as we'll discuss in a minute and if the EZ bar feels better for you or more comfortable on your wrists then I think you should just go with that we'll return to the dumbbell curl in a little bit ok so generally speaking you want to load the bar with light to moderate load in a relatively higher rep zone around 8 to 20 reps because loading the biceps too heavily will just result in form breakdown as other muscles come in and help heave the weight up and throw out the curl rather than having the amount of weight at the forefront I think you really want to focus on improving your mind-muscle connection with the biceps and  squeezing the biceps as you curl one eight-week training study from Schoenfeld and colleagues found that focusing on squeezing the biceps resulted in significant only more hypertrophy than just focusing on moving the weight so you want to grab the bar with a comfortable grip with which for most people will be at just about shoulder-width because the long head of the biceps is a stronger shoulder abductor then the short head taking a wider grip may target the biceps peak slightly more however, at this point, that's just kind of my own speculation and it might not actually, be worth the reduced range of the motion you get from going wider. 

Picture: Bicep crunches by using cable

I'm personally not a fan of the very close grip as it also reduces the range of motion and according to one source reduces biceps EMG amplitude by 13 percent relative to a shoulder-width grip as a quick aside when it comes to targeting the long head or that elder peak dr. Brad Schoenfeld has recommended performing exercises where the upper arm is held behind the body where the longer the head will be placed under greater stretch. 

So if your goal is to maximize the peak in addition to the basic barbell curl you may want to also include an incline dumbbell curl or a Bayesian cable curl where the arm is held back behind the torso back to the barbell curl so with a comfortable roughly shoulder-width supinated or underhand grip stands upright with the barbell keeping a strong shoulder-width stance with a braced core and slightly bent knees now unlike what the bench press here you want to purposefully take a more loose grip with your hands and fingers which will increase biceps involvement by minimizing activation of the elbow flexors of the forearm you want to make sure that before initiating the curl.

Your elbows are tucked in comfortably close to your sides and just before initiating the curl you want to slightly flex the shoulder, in other words, bring your arms forward by about ten degrees and at the same time try tilting your scapula posterior since the short head of the biceps attaches on the front end of the scapula tilting them posteriorly will pull tension into the biceps as you begin the curl think about putting the majority of the pressure on your pinky and ring fingers rather than your pointer and middle fingers it'll force the wrist into a more supinated position further shifting tension onto the biceps you want to think about curling the bar out in front of you in an arc rather than straight up and let's just look at the difference here so on the Left we're just pulling the bar straight up and on the right, 

we're swinging the bar out in your arc just notice the difference in distance between the axis of rotation of that elbow in the center of mass at the barbell between these two variations even though the way it is exactly the same you're going to generate much more torque and as a result, much more tension on the biceps by curling the bar out rather than just pulling it straight up generally have you reach the top end of the curl you want to maintain a neutral wrist position not allowing the wrists to curl in at any point throughout the range of motion in fact as an advanced technique you can slightly extend the wrists at the top which will help take the forearm muscles out of the movement even more just be careful when doing this and if you feel any wrist pain and don't do it now as you curl when viewed from the side there shouldn't be much movement at the knees hips or lower back and other than the arms everything should be pretty much motionless and locked into position and even though 

Picture: She is doing concentration curl Do it slowly and squeeze

I don't like to pause at the top of the curl me since there will be minimal tension there you do want to think about squeezing your biceps to move the weight including at the top of each rep on the eccentric again you want to lower the bar out in arc while maintaining a loose grip and forcefully contracting your biceps the eccentric is just as or more important than the concentric when it comes to muscle growth as don't treat the negative it's just a time to relax and just let the weight fall I personally like to think of the negative as a sort of failed positive where you're actively resisting the weight on the way down I personally prefer to Lee set every rep at the bottom because it allows me to regain. position and get a deep breath in which helps to maintain upper body tightness and stability on the next rep which allows me to better control the weight and move more load overall.

Zottman Curl is another best bicep workout and most people want to visible his/their bicep for looking good and you can reach the goal by using the workout named zottman curl.

Picture: Bicep curl
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Incline dumbbell curl is also effective because it hit the bishops higher than expectations.

Picture: Drink  a little bit water during a workout

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