How to do a workout at the gym Step-by-Step Guide and Basic Workout Routine Ideas

How to do a workout at the gym Step-by-Step Guide and Basic Workout Routine Ideas

Picture: Gym workout motivation

Firstly, you have to do warmup session for at least 10 minutes each movement like cycling , treadmills, cross treadmills etc. If you are too fat then you can increase the cardio workout more than 10 minutes.

If your target is weight loss then you have to do some workout at initial level such as:

  • Skipping;
  • Jumping jack;
  • Knee high;
  • Burpee;
  • Plank;
  • Spiderman plank;
  • Knee support push up;
The above mentioned workouts are very important for your weight loss or fat loss.

However, after doing the warm-up session, secondly, you can do some basic to advance level squat workout

Picture: Gym workout motivation

Doing squat make you safe from various injury. However, you should start with light weight and then you can increase the weights progressively or step by step as per you capacity. If you feel pain then you just suddenly stop the specific workout.

After doing squat, you can do some lunges workout and side by side you can do some dynamic stretching because we are going to start heavy workout later.

Thirdly, you can start pushup exercise for your strength building or advance level workout.

If you are too heavy you can start with knee support push up and then you can do full or normal push up with maintaining the repetitions.

How many repetitions per exercise?

This is a million dollar question. 1 set = 10 to 15 repetitions.

So, at least 4 sets you have to perform means you have to do 15*4 sets = 60 repetitions for a particular workout.

I found some people are doing compound workout with pushup because they are doing push up in the floor. So, they are not doing only pushup but they are also doing leg raises, plant, Spiderman plank, Russian twist because they are doing exercise on the floor mat. So, their abs workout little bit done here.

You can follow compound workout or you can do abs workout later. 

Tips to improve performance in the gym workout

  • Start music to get more energy and motivation;
  • Drink little bit water during exercise;
  • Wear gym belt, wrist support and knee support during heavy workout;

Finally, most effective way if you do some treadmill workout which is called cardio workout in the last stage then if would be most helpful for your fat loss journey.

So, you may do some cardio workout after abs workout or after heavy workout as per your plan.

However, after pushup, you are ready for chest workout. 

Chest workout 1: Flat bench press by using dumbbells' or barbell

As per your capacity you can start bench press for your chest muscles. 

Chest workout 2: Chest fly workout by using dumbbells' or cable chest fly workout

Chest has huge muscles and chest press and chest fly workout related with each other for effective development of your chest muscle like Arnold.

Chest workout 3: You are using flat bench, so you can do other most effective workout named dumbbells' pull over. By doing this workout your chest muscles visibility will be increased rapidly. Dumbbells' pull over is a compound workout for your chest, back, triceps' and abs or core development workout.

Chest workout 4:  Incline bench press for upper chest development workout.

Chest workout 5: Similarly, decline bench press for lower chest development workout.

Now your chest muscles are toned like silver stallion. You can do some pictorial fly exercise for final shape of your chest.


You have 3 parts of chest muscle. 
a. Middle chest;
b. Upper chest;
c. Lower chest and you have to focus on every muscles for proper growth of muscles.

Now you can change your workout plan. 

You can start Bicep workout and then you can start triceps workout side by side.

Similarly, you can do some delta or shoulder workout because bicep, triceps and shoulder related with each other. 

Target Muscles: Bicep :

Exercise Name: Follow the routine as per the instructor recommendations.

You should know the name of exercise during Bicep workout.
  1. Dumbbells' hammer curl;
  2. Barbell curl;
  3. Cable biceps curls;
  4. Incline dumbbells' biceps curls by sitting in the incline bench;
  5. Barbell preacher curl (machine workout): Here close grip EZ bar is more effective.
  6. cable preacher curl;
  7. DB. hammer preacher curls;
  8. Standing high pully curls by using chest fly cables by using both hands;
  9. One arms low pully curls by using cables
  10. Reverse grip barbell curls which is just reverse of barbell curl (hand position will be changed) 
  11. One arm db. preacher curls;
  12. Standing Db. bicep curls;
  13. Standing Ez bar curls;
  14. Barbell concentration curl like dumbbells' concentration curl using a bench. But you can do barbell concentration curl in standing position also.

You should know the name of exercise during Triceps workout.

1. Close grip bench press;
2. Cable Triceps push down;
3. One- arm overhead extension;
4. Triceps' extension by using a bench and your knee on the bench as well.
5. Ez-bar skulls crushers;
6. Overhead cable triceps extension (connect cables in the top position);
7. Bench dips;
8. Lying one arm triceps extensions (by using bench);
9. Dimond push up during pushup you can complete the task in ground;
10. Cable connect in ground and grab the cables line dumbbells' named standing cable overhead triceps extensions;
11. Lying dumbbells' triceps extension;
12. Dumbbells' triceps kick back;
13.Rope triceps push down;
14. Overhead barbell triceps extensions;
15. Tate press;
16. V bar push down;
17. Barbell JM press;
18. Close grip bench press;
19. Reverse grip triceps push down;
20. Machine dips;
21. Bar dips;

Chest workout name list:

  • Flat bench press;
  • Incline bench press;
  • Decline bench press;
  • Flat DB press;
  • Flat Db Fly;
  • Incline Db Press;
  • Decline DB press;
  • Pec Dec Fly /Butterfly;
  • Barbell bench press,
  • Cable chest fly targeting upper chest, middle chest and lower chest;
  • Chest dips
Exercise name for developing inner chest:

  1. Close grip dumbbells' press;
  2. Svend press;

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