7-day gym workout plan and step by step gym workout plan for beginners and experts with food for bodybuilding and routine for men and women

 7-day gym workout plan and step by step gym workout plan for beginners and experts with food for bodybuilding and routine for men and women 

Picture: Gym Motivation Shoulder Workout

Actually, you can not start a shoulder workout suddenly and before a shoulder workout, you have to have a warm-up to avoid injury.

7-day gym workout Progressive Workout Plan: 

You can follow progressive workouts such as a beginner, you should start with a 5 kg dumbbell and then start the workout and rest for at least one minute and then take a 7.5 kg dumbbell and then start workout and rest for at least one minute and then take 10 kg and so on. But remember you have to increase weight as per your level of capacity.

Similarly, as an expert you should start with a 10 kg dumbbell and then start the workout and rest for at least one minute and then take a 12 kg dumbbell and then start the workout and rest for at least one minute and then take 20 kg and so on.

How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program

  • Don't take heavyweight at the beginning of the workout. You have to have to take weights gradually and drink a little bit of water during the workout. 
  • Don't show others that you can take the heavyweight.
  • Wear Gym Belt, Wrist support, and gloves during heavy workout and you have to have a proper warm-up before doing any workout. I will add some warm-up pictures below. 

Gym workout Food plan before the workout and after Workout

Gym lowers sugar levels in the body, so rice helps raise sugar, which is essential. Dried fruits: Lots of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A, calcium etc. Dried fruits play an important role in increasing energy. Eating nuts: Nuts are one of the most important foods for exercise.
What to eat before going to the gym.

What exactly should you eat before exercising? Many people think that gym should be done on an empty stomach. However, dietitians say that you should eat something before exercise, not on an empty stomach, which helps to provide quick nutrition. Find four such foods.

What to Food for Bodybuilding Before Workout or Post-Workout Food Chart

  • Coffee Just one Cup

Picture: Coffee

  • Dates Just 3 to 4 Pcs

Picture: Dates Just 3 to 4 Pcs

Food for bodybuilding like Banana

Bananas are called the bay of natural energy. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates (which provide energy and are easily digested) and potassium. Potassium does not accumulate in the body for a long time. As a result, bananas are very useful in providing instant nutrition. Eat a medium-sized banana before you start your morning exercise. Wait 30 minutes before going to the gym.
  • Just one Banana, no more eating before a gym workout. Some people are going to the gym in the morning which is the best and other people are going to the gym in the evening or nighttime because they don't have enough time.  

Picture: Eating Banana, She is doing fun. However, eat before workout for more result


The fiber present in oats helps to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the blood. Oats are very useful in providing energy during workouts. So oats are essential for breakfast. You can eat a cup of oats 30 minutes before exercise.

Brown bread

A piece of brown bread helps increase carbohydrate strength. Provides protein with boiled eggs and honey. Eat 45 minutes before exercise. Your power will make everyone jealous.

Fruit and yogurt

Fruits contain carbohydrates, yogurt contains protein. This combination is great to eat before exercise. Get up and eat a banana and a bowl of yogurt. If you go to the gym after 30 minutes, you will understand the difference.

What to food for bodybuilding after a Workout or Post-Workout Food Chart

It is important to keep certain foods on the menu after the gym.

  • Many go to the gym to exercise
  • Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way
  • You have to pay attention to eating and drinking to build your body.
  • Rely on food, not medicines taken from outside

Everyone goes to the gym to build their body or to look after their health. You can go to the gym at any time of the day. But going to the gym burns extra calories from the body. As a result, it is harmful to the body. To fill that void you need to put something special on the menu after the gym. Although many people try to stay fit by taking medicine from outside, this steroid helps the body to break down in many parts. Which appeared later. So you have to change the food list without relying on drugs. Find out what foods to include in your post-gym meal list.

Egg poach: Egg poach contains a lot of protein. And this word is very dear to many, easily created.

Milk-complex: Milk-complex contains a lot of protein and carbohydrates. This diet helps to increase muscle strength.

Red Potatoes: If red potatoes are available in the market, they must be collected. Because it helps raise vitamin C, glucose levels. Red potatoes are also high in sugar and fiber.
Rice: White rice can be eaten in moderation. Gym lowers sugar levels in the body, so rice helps raise sugar, which is essential.

Dried fruits: Lots of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A, calcium etc. Dried fruits play an important role in increasing energy.
Eating nuts: Nuts are one of the most important foods for exercise. There are many vitamins.
Chicken straw: Chicken is rich in protein, omega-3, and amino acids. This term greatly reduces protein deficiency.
Fruit: There is no limit to the number of nutrients it can increase. So eat two fruits after gym.

Maintenance Post: Dinner

5 mixed vegetables, mixed vegetables, sweet pumpkin seeds, one loaf of bread, two peach rui fish, one egg, carrot, lemon, and green chili. A small bowl of thin lentils.

Picture: Food after Gym Workout or Dinner Food Menue

Picture: Food after Gym Workout or Dinner Food Menu

Click on any picture to show you how to do it perfectly and step-by-step tutorials.

Picture: Gym Support is a must during workouts 

Gym Support is a must during workouts such as Shoes, Wrist support and Knee support may be needed for beginners and experts too.

Picture: Music with headphones is a must for gym Motivation and getting mind energy

Music is a heart motivation for a workout at home or gym. Without music, you will feel bored and demotivated.

Picture: Wrist Support 

Wrist support is needed to avoid hand injury. Actually, as a beginner or expert whenever you take heavy equipment then wrist support has a vital role.

Picture: Knee Support may be required to avoid injury.

Knee support is needed for legs workout and even fast running or walking which support your knee to prevent injury.

Picture: Best Gym Dress during Workout 

Gym dress is also important to move faster or avoid injury and flexibility.

Picture: Gym Towel is needed for sweating much

A gym towel is required for sweating and you must use it during sitting in the gym machine. So, actually, you need two towels that may be small in size but they should use for safety during the covid or non-covid situation.

The gym bag is also required to maintain all necessary types of equipment during workouts.

Picture: Lunges Workout

Picture: Jumping Jack (Click on the picture to see the demo)

Jumping jack is a basic workout and you have to start jumping jack for warm-up purposes. Jumping jack is the best warm-up workout like treadmill and cycling.

Picture: Cycling at Gym (Warm-up session)

Picture: Cycling at outdoor 

Cycling is the best warm-up basic workout before starting a gym workout. You can do this workout at the gym or outdoor depending on you.

    Picture: Basic Squat for Warm-up (Click on the picture to see the advance squat video)

Squat is also a basic warm-up especially before legs or Treadmill workout because you have to flexible your legs before running or Leg press workout like Lunges.

Picture: Run on Treadmills

Actually running is not mandatory, you can walk faster at least 20 minutes or whatever time depends on your sweating and interest. This is the best cardio and fat-burning workout in the world. Young people can walk and then start running just after 10 minutes or whatever time they like to do for the perfect result. Some people are doing treadmill just after heavy workout for best result.

Picture: Push-up Workout

A push-up workout is the best warm-up workout for a full body. The picture shows the bench support push-up but you should select ground push-up and sometimes knee support push-up is the best as a beginner or intermediate level. 

You cannot complete all workouts in a single day. So you have to have a focused target-based workout.

7-day gym workout plan

My personal Routine is as below. However, you can change or mix the workout as per your interest.

Picture: Lat Pull-down Workout. 

After having Lat pull-down, you should do seated cable rows  which is working for your lower lat muscles as picture below.

Picture: Back Workout

Roman Chair Back Extension Lower Back Workout

Why should you choose Roman chairs? 

Roman chair benefits. Upgrade your exercise routine and lifestyle by using the Roman Chair. Features of the Roman chair.

Want to improve your posture? Looking for natural ways to ease back pain? Looking for ways to enhance your exercise routine? Consider getting a Roman chair.

Roman chairs are ideal exercise equipment for back extension exercises (also called hyperextension). These are designed to perform exercises that efficiently target almost every muscle in your body. It is highly recommended by fitness trainers, physical therapists, and health enthusiasts.

Incorporating the use of Roman chairs into your daily exercise routine will help you achieve a toned body as well as a good posture. Using this tool gives excellent results and is therefore highly desirable. This article will address the benefits of Roman chairs.

Prevents lower back pain

 prevention is better than cure. Our lifestyle involves spending most of our time sitting in poor posture for hours, especially at work. It takes a toll on our back which causes back pain, especially when we work from home.

Therefore, it is better that you protect your back by protecting yourself from the problem of back pain. Not only back injury but other physical problems like hernia can also be avoided.

Practicing back extensions regularly will help avoid this type of physical trauma. When exercising, keep in mind that you must follow proper procedures and conditions, otherwise you will injure yourself; It does more harm than good.

improves core strength

For most types of intense exercise, core strength workouts are essential and can be done at home.

Having a strong core is very beneficial and essential in daily activities. Be it posture, overall body strength, or proper mental health, basic strength is important in almost every function of the body.

Strengthening your core reduces and prevents back pain and has been shown to be more effective than resistance training. It helps a lot in the long run.

The Doing Back Extension is ideal for strengthening your core, and the Roman chair is the perfect tool for achieving impeccable core strength with promising results.

Back extension improves endurance

High back endurance is recommended because of its many benefits. Like the practice system, it is also necessary for intensive training of MMA fighters.

Best use of Roman chairs for back extension is the ideal way to achieve better back extension tolerance. One study has shown evidence that over-extension in Roman chairs increases stamina.

Provides relief from lower back pain

Although using a Roman chair for exercise does not directly work the back muscles, it does reduce back pain. This device enables greater flexibility of the back and reduces the load on the spine.

This distributes the load evenly between the lower and upper back muscles which helps in reducing the pressure on the lower back muscles.

Strengthening the lower back and abs, Roman chair exercises also accomplish less stress on the spine.

currency reform

It's easier to stay in an upright position if you have a strong core. The deep muscles in your back, abdomen, and pelvis are known as core stability muscles. These are also called posture muscles because they determine your posture.

Having a strong set of posture/core stability muscles ensures good posture maintenance.

Doing back extensions in Roman chairs or other similar exercise equipment will stretch and effectively strengthen your back muscles.

 Adding a strong core and lower back will successfully improve your posture and increases physical strength


As mentioned earlier, regular hyperactivity exercise will strengthen your core and back muscles which will improve your posture and reduce back pain. All these benefits together increase your physical strength and make your body agile.

Back extension routines strengthen your internal muscles and enhance physical performance.

Improved physical stamina helps your body function, making it more agile. It prepares your body for all kinds of intense physical activity and makes your daily activities easier.

great for your glutes

Regular workouts in the Roman chair ensure toned, soft and well-built glutes. To achieve the desired shape of your buttocks, do reverse back extensions, especially with glue, while lying on a chair on the opposite side. For quick results, you can add ankle weights.

However, don't lift too much or too much weight. Back up the extension carefully to the best of your ability. If the exercise is not done with proper care and supervision, the chances of serious injury to the muscles are high.

How to Do Superman Exercises

Most of the time people are facing problems with various pain during workout such as shoulder pain, chest pain, knee pain and mostly lower back pain. So, I have added some YouTube videos which may be helpful for you for future injury's as below.

The WORST Stretches For Low Back Pain (And What To Do Instead) Ft. Dr. Stuart McGill
Stop Knee Pain Now! 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Knees
  Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

Picture: Heavy Lunges Workout

Picture: Heavy Squat Workout after Warmup

Picture: Leg Press

Day 3: Arms Workout like a bicep, Tricep, etc. after following the above-mentioned warm-up workout.

John Cena's Sleeve-Busting Arm Routine

Picture: Bicep Workout

Picture: Bicep Cable Workout

Picture: Bicep Workout

Picture: Bicep Curl workout 
Picture: Bicep Extention Workout

Picture: Close Grip Tricep Workout like bench press

One of the best workouts is the Bisep Extention and Bicep Curl workout.

Video: 10 Best Exercises for BIGGER SHOULDERS and TRAPS

Picture: Basic soulder warm-up workout 

Picture: Shoulder  workout 

Picture: Machine Shoulder  Press Workout 

Picture: Shoulder Workout

Picture: Shoulders and Traps Workout

Picture: Trap Workout

Picture: Crunch Workout best abs workout 

Your leg should be locked during a crunch workout.

Burpee Workout is another Weight Loss and Abs and even full-body workout for men and women. I have added some pictures for step by step burpee workout 

Picture: Burpee Step -1 

Picture: Burpee Step -2

Picture: Burpee Step -3 added pushup for weight loss workout

Picture: Full Plank Abs Workout

Picture: Half Plank (Best Abs Workout)

Plank is the best abs workout which is more effective but you have to hold this position for at least one minute or try more. 
Picture: Side Plank Workout Style

The above picture is a side plank workout where you can also use your elbow for a side plank.

Day 6: Chest Workout

World Best Chest Workout WWE Champion Drew McIntrye’s Upper Body Chest and Arms Workout l HIBMB | Men's Health UK
Before chest workout, you have to complete a warm-up Routine specially pushup is a must before chest workout.
Each Workout should be 4 sets x 12 reps

Workout -1:  Dumbell Bench Press
Workout -2:  Dumbell Bench Fly
Workout -3:  Pectoral fly machine form
Workout-4:   Barbell Bench Press 

Picture: Barbell Bench Press

Workout-5:  Barbell Incline Bench Press for Upper Chest
Workout-6:  Barbell Decline Bench Press  for Lower Chest
Workout-7:  Cable Fly and similarly incline Cable Fly and decline Cable Fly



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