Full Body Workout Routines for Men & Women

Full Body Workout Routines for Men & Women

Make a sequence and more reputation as the instruction below to get the best result. Don't take overweight at the beginning and gradually increase your weight as per your capacity. Start the exercise in front of the mirror and open your t-shirt to see the performance is ok or not. 

This is a full-body workout plan but you can separate your day for different workouts such as leg day. Bicep, Tricep, Arms workout day, Back at, etc which you can see my Gym link 

Step by step exercise Name and Reps/set as listed below:

1. Treadmill Walking -10 minutes

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2. Cycling -10 minutes

3. Front bend - 20 times x 3 reps/set

4. Side bend - 20 times x 3 reps/set  

Comments: You also can use a normal stick during the workout.

5. Push Up -15 times x 5 reps/set  

Picture: Push Up

6. Flat Barbell Bench Press -15 times x 3 reps/set  

   Picture: Bench Press

Bench Press with a wide grip is effective for your chest. But if you do the same in the close grip it will hit your triceps which is another best triceps workout. 

7. Incline Dumbbells'/Barbell Bench Press -15 times x 3 reps/set  

8. Decline Dumbbells'/Barbell  Bench Press -15 times x 3 reps/set  

9. Pictorial machine decline fly -15 times x 3 reps/set  

How to Do Chest Fly Exercises on a Machine 

The above-mentioned video shows the Pictorial machine fly but not decline fly. To perform Pictorial machine decline fly you just seat forward in the seat.

How To Low Cable Chest Fly

The above YouTube video shows the Low and High Cable Chest Fly which are also really good chest workouts in an advanced stage. But in my routine, the Low and High Cable Chest Fly are not included. But if you are interested then you can do it.

10. Barbell Curl: -15 times x 3 reps/set  

It is a bicep workout by using a barbell stand.

11. Lat Pulldown -15 times x 3 reps/set  

12. Seated Cable Row or Cable rowing  -15 times x 3 reps/set  

Picture: Seated Cable Rows

13. Machine Shoulder Press  -15 times x 3 reps/set  

14. Dumbbells' Side Raise -15 times x 3 reps/set  

15.Ez up row -15 times x 3 reps/set  

This workout is actually a Shoulder Workout. It is also a very good exercise for your shoulder as the video below. 

How to Upright Row PROPERLY While Avoiding Pain! Fix Your Upright Barbell Row Form NOW!

16. Press down or someone says Triceps Press Down: -15 times x 3 reps/set  

It is actually for your triceps muscle development workout.

17. Barbell Extension: -15 times x 3 reps/set  

Barbell Extension is also used for your triceps muscle development. You can do it standing position and also a lying position.

16. Without /With Squat -15 times x 3 reps/set  

It is basically a Legs Warm-up workout. Take Dumbbells and then squat is more challenging and effective.

17. Walking Lunges or Lunges -15 times x 3 reps/set  

It is also basically a Legs Warm-up workout. 

Picture: Lunges

18. Lying Leg Raise  -20 times x 4 reps/set  

It is basically an Abs workout. 

19. Sit-up  -20 times x 4 reps/set  

Picture: Sit-up Positino

It is also basically an Abs workout and selected for fat people  

20. Plank:  20 times x 4 reps/set  
Picture: Plank Position 

Hold the same position as the above picture for at least 1 minute. There is another workout named spiderman plank. However, in this position you can up your hand and down by using your plum is challenging.

It is also basically an Abs workout and selected for fat people.  

21. Burpee: 20 times x 4 reps/set  

Additional Workout:

Burpee is the best Weight loss workout and selected for fat people 

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