What should the first exercise be when starting your workout and how do I advance my workout?

What should the first exercise be when starting your workout?

Picture: Top Bodybuilders 

I am a fitness expert and today I will describe you  in detail step by step with practical YouTube workout videos that how to be a complete bodybuilder as above picture.

The Key to success is not only workout but also changing food habit like you have to avoid some food which are fat related and some food you have to take more like vegetables and fruits like apple, banana, pineapple etc. and definitely you have to have drink more water. Diet is good but some people need to intake more food who are actually thin I mean who have no fat in his or her body. However, some people should intake less food due to heavy weight and over fatty body.

So, in my website healthbestfit.com you can found every tips but not I am going to discuss with you the step by step workout which are really effective and you can say it is a workout chart or complete bodybuilding routine from beginning to expert level.

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Step -1 Warm-up Workout

Warm-up is starting point of workout at gym or home. I prefer gym because of environment like a school.

Do This Warm Up Before Your Workouts Quick Warm Up Routine for Girls
Sometimes we prefer cycling first which is ok but do you know before cardio like cycling, treadmills you need some dynamic stretching? However, you can do dynamic stretching or body parts movement workout after cardio and it's up to you.

Best WARM UP ROUTINE BEFORE WORKOUT Quick and Effective Rowan Row 

But some people start with cycling and Treadmills for warm-up and cardio workout which are also good but few people are doing at the end of workout for best outcomes. 

Best Improved Science-Based Cardio Routine to Lose Fat FASTER without Losing Muscle

However, it depends on you but I personally prefer run or fast walk in Treadmills and also Cycling which are one of the best warm-up with cardio workout because in the last stage you are becoming tired. So, you may not have so much energy to cardio at the last stage.

Best Improved Burn Fat Fast for just 20 Minute Bike Workout

Cardio is important specially for over weight people. But any aged people can to cardio workout and I found some people in gym who actually have over 60 years.


BEST High Quality Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Body Fat Quickly

Treadmill workout make me happy because I lost my fat and my weight is minimized.


Best Cardio Workout 20 Min Interval Walking Treadmill Workout for Beginners to Advances

How do I advance my workout?

You have to advance your workout workout gradually with maintain proper guideline or routine which you get from your gym instructor like me such you more reputation's with at least 3 sets of each workout for effective results.

Time to Drink Water but not too much Law 9: Hydrate and 10 Laws Of Muscle-Building

Now if you follow my embedded YouTube video then it's time to drink water but less water during workout to prevent dehydration.


To avoid injury you should start with light weight or free squat and gradually you can increase your weight.

Now you can do some squat to prevent injury just before pushup workout How To Do Perfect SQUAT FITNESS SPECIAL SQUATS For Beginners WORKOUT VIDEO

Boy doing Squat to prevent injury How to Do a Squat Best Gym Workout

Squat is a best workout for weight loss and initial stage of legs workout but before doing this you should follow the warm-up sessions as the above mentioned YouTube video.


Girl is doing Squat and showing HOW TO SQUAT ON THE SMITH MACHINE

Some girls or boys can squat in the supported machine.
Best 10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope or skipping is another workout for fat loss or weight loss and it is the best warm-up exercise.

One of the best warm-up fat loss workout just 10-Minute JUMP ROPE WEIGHT LOSS Workout and Do This Three Times A Week

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Best Workout before going heavy workout CARDIO WORKOUT RUNNING & JUMPING JACKS at Indoor and Outdoor Best Cardio Workout

You can do jumping jack specially if you want to weight loss perfectly and before going heavy workout jumping jack and skipping are best warm-up with cardio.

The Perfect and best Push Up and you must do it in right ways

Push-up is not only chest workout but also it works for abs, shoulder, bicep, triceps. So, why you are skipping pushup. There are various types of pushup like Hindu pushup, dolphin pushup which are very good workout for your body just before heavy workout.

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Best 5 Minute Push Ups Workout at Gym or Home

The Big Biceps Triceps Delta, Forearms Workout 

Now I prefer arm workout but you can do chest workout video attached below after arms workout no problem at all. This is my personal interest about bicep, triceps, delta, forearms development just after pushup.
Bicep Curl Workout Tabata Bicep Curls Tabata Challenge

Bicep is a small muscles whereas triceps are biggest muscle but you have to balance between both of them and you should follow that your delta is not bigger than your bicep and triceps which is looking bad.

How to Do Bicep Curls


Best of How to Do Bicep Curls

Concentration curl

Concentration curl is very good workout for bicep and you have to do it slowly. Remember, you need not take heavy weight fast. You have to remember all the time that your body is not a machine and the main fuel is food and water and sometime supplements specially protein.

Another Best of Bicep Workout How to Do Concentrations

Forearms Workout 

Actually during heavy bicep workout press will come on forearms but this is not end and you should forearms workout for strong hand.

Now you can do some forearm workout for strong hand 6 BEST Exercises for Bigger Forearms

Forearms workout should start with light weight dumbbell's and you do not need to increase more weight and follow the repetitions and you can take weights as per your body size and capacity. But remember don't follow the bodybuilders as a beginner and step by step you can ask them and also ask your instructor to get some idea and workout routine. 

Best of Shoulder Workout 7 Dumbbell Exercises to Build Massive Shoulders

Why Do Triceps Dumbbells Kickback?

Get the Benefits of Weight Training First. Those whose triceps don't have the right size want to adjust the size, they will do It helps to build triceps in body building Increases triceps muscle and arm strength

Machinery or Materials: a bench or chair, dumbbells 

How to do?

Step by step How To Triceps' Kickback Dumbbell Workout

This exercise can be done with one dumbbell for one hand or with two dumbbells for two hands simultaneously. Here's how to do it on the bench with a single dumbbell.

Best of Triceps' Workout 7 Fastest Huge Triceps Exercises 💪
Best Triceps' Workout 6 Fastest Huge Triceps Exercises

Bench Press

It is basically chest workout but sometimes it works for full body like bicep, triceps, forearms and abs means core development workout.
Best Workout for Chest How To Dumbbell Bench Press by 3 GOLDEN RULES

Best of Barbell Bench Press How To Barbell Bench Press

Best of How To dumbbell Fly's On A Flat Bench

Best of How to Do Close Grip Bench Press with Dumbbells

Girls doing Best of How to Do Close Grip Bench Press with Dumbbells
Best Incline Barbell Bench Press for Upper Chest Development Workout
Best Tips Incline Bench Press for better chest activation and ALSO less risk of a shoulder injury at anytime

Best Decline Dumbbell Bench Press for lower chest best workout
Best Barbell Bench Press for lower chest workout

Best of How To: High Cable Chest Fly

Dumbbell pull-over

Best of Dumbbell Pullover - Chest Exercise
Best of Dumbbell Pullover which is Chest or Back Exercise?

Best step by step chest workout BEST 7 EXERCISES INNER CHEST 🔥
Best of Back Workout 6 Exercises To Build A Big Back

Best of Pull Down for Back Workout How To Build A V-Tapered Back: Lat Training Dos and Don’ts

Best Legs Warmup exercise How to Do a Lunge Thighs Workout

Do every workouts which you found in the gym but before that ask gym instructor about your interest and you have to know how to do this workout.

Best of Knee Support How to Choose a Knee Brace for Arthritis or Knee Pain| GUIDE

How To Perfect Your Deadlift

Deadlift is actually full body workout like legs, abs, back but the problem is everyone scare about deadlift for lower back pain. To prevent you need to proper form during deadlift and my must be wearing gym support like gym belt and wrist support belt.

Best Perform the Deadlift for Growth 5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making you have to remember


Deadlift is a good workout but you need to warm-up workout before deadlift like Lunges, Squat, Birddog Workout which are excellent. 


Best of HOW TO DO ROMANIAN DEADLIFTS and build Beefy Hamstrings With Perfect Technique

Lack of proper form and repetitions some workouts are not working properly.

What is leg press good for?

Leg press is good but most of the people are not changing the weights and they are just following what big boss are doing. As a result, knee pain will be found which is really bad. So, you have to have minimum weights during starting of leg press and gradually you can increase the weights. In addition, you must wear knee support belt and gym belt for perfect and by this ways you can avoid injury.

Best of 7 Leg Press Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps - 18" Professional Grade with Thumb Loops - Wrist Support Braces - Men & Women - Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Strength Training


Panatta super leg press

Leg press is a composite exercise, which means it helps to practice almost every major muscle and muscle group in your leg simultaneously.
Best of Sergi Constance full legs workout at Gold's gym

 This is great because it maximizes your time, it makes your exercise routine more efficient and it allows you to train all the leg muscles without having to engage in too many exercises.

Best of Muscle Building Workout DAY 3 Leg Workout by Yatinder Sing

Best Legs Workout Top Ten Leg Day Exercises

Abs Workout Core Development Workout

I prefer running on treadmills which is one of the best abs, weight loss and cardio workout but some people are not interested to do cardio at the beginning because their concentration is bicep, triceps but not abs or weight loss which is really not a good idea.

However, my best favorites workout is Hanging leg raises, Plank and Cable crunch and Russians Twist and some other twist machine which I found in the gym.

Now you can do some cardio workout for perfect result of your body which is really difficult The BEST Treadmill Sprints Workout to Burn Fat Quickly

World BEST PLANK WORKOUT FOR BS and FULL BODY FAT BURN! 10 Variations which are really interesting
Best way how to PROPERLY Cable Crunch to Shape Your Abs and How to Kneeling Cable Abdominal Crunch

How to six pack abs workout

If you change your food habit and following attached YouTube video then why not your six pack will be not developed but remember you have to avoid fat related food and sugar. And try to fasting to get a good result which is difficult for some people but try to drink lots of water.


Best of Food Habits What To Eat Before, During and Just After Training For Max Muscle Growth
Best food tips What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Best of best 4 BEST Supplements To Build Muscle Faster And How Much They Help

Best Supplements How To Pick The Best Protein Powder CHOOSE WISELY

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