The PERFECT Back Workout BEASTMODE BACK AND BICEPS - Intense Upper Body Workout

BEASTMODE BACK AND BICEPS Best Intense Upper Body Workout

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We know the back is made of many, many  muscle group. It is very difficult to put together a workout that hits all these areas of the muscles. Remember, we are not the only ones worried about lattes. These are all other things that we often do not notice until we know we need to train and focus on them. With that in mind we are going to separate it together plan a game.

Plan of attack. To do this we want to make sure we hit. In different areas. Number one: let's address the lats. We know they have to be killed. We can do this with specific exercises that work well. We also know that traps take a big part. 

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The back of us. Both the upper mesh and the lower mesh. I think one of the most important parts is that for your shoulder posture and proper functioning, we need to hit them too. So, less back, again, no less important, folks. We need to make sure that how we feel, how we work and how important the whole dynamic range is to work well We are dealing with that.

We also have other muscles. Like a rotator cuff. Yes, all these muscles are in our upper back, behind our shoulders. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most confusing. Anything like Terrace Major. We want to strengthen the muscles - because we can change the way we do a popular exercise and hit it a little better. This is something we want to address. To do this we always start with a large, holistic movement that will meet and hit these few areas at once.

That being said, let's get started. Let's start with the perfect back workout. So, here we start the perfect back workout. As I said, with a compound lift. Deadlift. 
Picture: Deadlift Workout

A great basic exercise that has been selected. Because it does a lot of damage to the places we mentioned in the opening that we're going to hit the trap, we're really going to work on the spinal erectors, it'll help train our lats, it's moving.

To help train our scapular strength. We're going to get something done here in a few seconds. More importantly, we can exert some compressive effects on the spine during deadlift. We can combine this with another great compound.

On the move, weighed chin-up and when combined we get a decompressive effect. The way we break it down, it's two sets. Deadlift involving an overweight chin. Two sets of deadlifts involving body weight,
Wide grip pullup for a different purpose. Let's move on to the deadlift first. What we want to do, as we treat ourselves. 
Picture: V shape Back Workout Heavy Weight Pull down

Above - because we're dealing with heavy weights here today. 8, 6, 4 and 4 for our four deadlift sets. So, we need to perform some. Submaximal, light warmup set along the path. Do this one thing for me as you do. When you include a straight arm pushdown Why?

I love straight hand pushdowns. I think this is one of the least used back exercises. One of the most important components of a deadlift is the grip, and it is the ability to work the scapular flexion of the straight arm, which gives your shoulder blades stability and strength, while maintaining upper body stiffness. 

Lift when you do this. Here's a set up. Not for failure. Every time you set up a warmup. Now that you're ready to go and have 8 repetitions in your first set in Deadlift, you'll want to make sure you've put it together, as I said at the beginning, on a weighted chin top.

How to do BACK AND BICEPS Upper Body Workout

All you need for today's workout is a mat and dumbbells. We close it with an overall movement of the back and then we move our biceps forward. The weight I am using for the back is 16 kg. It's just a dumbbell. So of course if you have that heavy dumbbell or kettlebell you can use it at the beginning of this workout. If you go to the biceps, I will lose eight kilograms.

Picture: Back Workout

Each exercise is performed for four sets. Remember, focus on your form, take it slowly, full range of motion, Truck control. Try to keep an eye on the delegates on the one hand and try to be almost identical on the other. So if you do 12 more on one side, try to do about 12 on the opposite side. 

Picture: Bicep Workout

This is going to be a very demanding back and biceps workout.

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