Top 10 Best Shoulder Workouts & Exercises For Men and Women Perfect Shoulder Workout

Top 10 Best Shoulder Workouts & Exercises For Men and Women

7 Best Exercises for BIGGER SHOULDERS and TRAPS
Picture: Dumbbell Press

The Perfect Shoulder Workout by Yatinder Singh 
Shoulder Workouts  Precaution:

The above mentioned video regarding Bigger Shoulder Workout was really amazing but if you are a beginner you have to maintain some important tips which is my personal recommendations.

1. Wear Gym Belt to support your lower back;
2. Wear Wrist support and full finger Gloves which are available in Moto shop;
3. Elbo support may be required;

All the exercises we do in the video above are my personal favorites. So, without wasting any more time, let's start with our shoulder workout video. Before you start your shoulder workout, let's warm up first, which I chose light weight. So the first exercise would be side by side by using dumbbells like dumbbell side raises, in which I do 20 repetitions in one set.

The second exercise will be ‘Start Dumbbell Reges’ so I will do 20 repetitions a set will be the third ‘Dumbbell Press’ where, again, I will do 20 repetitions of a set so that we do the first exercise ‘Dumbbell Press’ Dumbbell Press is a very effective exercise. Helps in overall development of muscles. I will use this bench while doing this exercise. It doesn’t put too much pressure on my spine when pushing dumbbells. I have to support this bench. And, before you start the dumbbell press, you should first support your back. Lift your chest Before lifting the dumbbells, make sure your elbows are not bent in or out. Unlike this, many things should not be within 90 degrees.

And during lifting, go through the full range of motion. Squeeze your shoulders. Sign. Stress. And Sign. When lifting the dumbbells, exhale and exhale. Our next exercise is 'overhead pressing' and using the toes. You can also call it the 'military press'.

I'll show you how to maintain your body posture from head to toe while doing this exercise. First of all, it is important to keep your legs properly to ensure the balance of your body. Many put their feet up like this you can't keep your heart so hard and it won't give you stability. First, keep your legs as wide as your shoulders. So that it gives you the right stability. Second, keep your heart strong while doing this exercise. Third, keep your chest high.

Be sure to increase the bar each time, do not bend too much. Be sure to keep the barbell low enough to put pressure on your lower back. I use this stool to keep the bar slightly elevated when you lift. You should try to keep the bar at some height in your gym. Second, you may have questions. How wide should we occupy the bar? So you should hold the bar a little wider than your shoulder width. So I noticed that a lot of people had bars like this, which is a wrong grip. The bar can slip out of your hand this way.
This exercise like push press or military press.
Picture: Barbell Military Press for Shoulder 

So insert the thumb so that you hold the bar firmly. During lifting, create a full range of motion, raising the bar until it reaches the top of your head. Just hold your shoulder and exhale. Bring the bar back and extend your shoulder here. Extend it again until it reaches the top of your head.

Just hold your shoulder and exhale.
You can't bend the spine too much when the bar goes down. See. Exhale.

Squeeze your shoulders. Sign. The next exercise we will do is the 'Lateral Side Dumbbell Arm Booth' where I will focus on the mid head. Before you start this, you need to keep in mind the placement of the dumbbells.
Picture: Dumbbell Side Raise

It will not be such a party. It should be like this. It should be A-lined. Which means when I attach a dumbbell, This creates the alphabet A. No matter how high you lift the dumbbells when you start, even if you lift so many dumbbells, your middle deltoid muscle is focused. Do not shrug unnecessarily. So whenever you lift, exhale.

Also, remember that every time you lift your dumbbells, shoulders, elbows and dumbbells. It should be parallel. No need to bend your spine unnecessarily. Make sure your spine is straight. The next exercise I have to do For my frontal deltoid muscle. This is called fitness The purpose of 'raising the front wire' with personal hands is to do this exercise whenever I can.

My front deltoid stretches properly when my arm goes backwards and when I stretch, I push my front deltoid. And exhale. The full range of stretching and squeezing speed but I have to be careful here so that my hand does not go over my shoulder. Parallel to the ground. And press the deltoid in front of you properly. And exhale. Another thing to remember is to bring your weapon And hold both hands slightly above your face. And try to keep these hands from colliding. So whenever you bring them down, you should bend back a bit. Then return to the same position. And Exhale. And when you bring them down.

Hold the deltoid on your back, hold for a few seconds and slowly release. Through two compounds and several isolated movements, we observed our frontal deltoid middle and posterior deltoids. But there is still a muscle called the trapezius muscle. To train my trapezius muscle, I am going to do barbell shrug. How wide should the barbell grip be?

It should be as wide as my shoulders. Many keep it a little off. Which is completely wrong. Many people keep the barbells too loose, which is wrong again. Hold the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width. Remember. Can't bend forward. Don't fall behind. So just stand. Increase the maximum bar. Hold on here.

Just press your trapezius. Exhale. And leave slowly. Do not descend with a single jerk. Again. Increase it to your maximum. Hold your trapezius and exhale.

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Boulder Shoulders

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