What questions should I ask a bodybuilder? What are the 4 types of bodybuilding? What are the keys to bodybuilding? Why are bodybuilders big but not strong? questions to ask bodybuilding coach

What questions should I ask a bodybuilder? 

Music is most motivation during gym workout click here and open in your mobile. Buy a Bluetooth headphone connect with your mobile and your muscles will grow faster. Boys and girls, you also need a motivator who motivate you to start gym workout may be a bodybuilder. I have created a nice page where you can see workout motivation kumfu movie which is really motivate you specially young people. 

Picture: Girl Bodybuilder showing her body 

Question: Well, if I'm thin, can I go to the gym???

Answer: Get out of misconceptions. People exercise for 2 reasons. From obesity to weight loss And Gain muscle from thin to get a better figure. In addition, you can eat potatoes 300g, nuts 200g, rice 800g & 4eggs for weight gain.

My personal Question: How to lose your weight fast but safely?

My research Answer: 
  • You have to increase intake vegetables;
  • Drink lots of water;
  • Build a nice breakfast;
  • Snack smart is ok;
  • Eat mindfully;
  • Skip Sugar and beverages (cold drinks I know you like most)
  • Start strength training to lose weight;
Remember: Only exercise can't lose weight, You have to change your food habit.

Want to gain muscle or bodybuilding?

Each serving of Premium BN Whey Protein Powder contains 26g of high quality protein and 6.2g of Bcaa which, with regular consumption, repair your damaged muscle fibers and make your small muscles bigger and stronger.

I am 19,,,,,height 5.8",,,,,weight 75. How many kg would be perfect? And what to do to lose weight faster. Requesting proper advice from experienced brothers. Thank you all in advance.

Answer: 60-65 perfect, Do Cardio regularly maintain diet properly

Brother after two days of workout, now a push,  I don't have the energy to exercie more.
The whole body hurts and it is very difficult to touch the hands
I need suggestions on what to do at this point during pain in body parts even lower back.

He works out with less weight for the area of ​​pain. Watch youtube by searhing pain relief workout.
And you can take a bath with hot water

I have newly joined gym,,I am skinny,,,please tell me,,what should I eat??

The diet is very expensive. Gain weight but not fat - it's very costly. Eat at least 4 eggs and eat at least 150 grams of solid meat every day, eat 1 banana.

 What are the keys to bodybuilding?

What is the way to lose weight?

Get up early in the morning and run regularly, run a short distance first, then slowly increase the distance, have breakfast with eggs and drink water after running.

  • Eat 2 meals of bread;
  • Running and free hand exercises;

Picture: This is starting basic oblique workout for targeting dynamic stretching and also abs workout
I want a suggestion, please... How to start?? I don't want to be a bodybuilder, I just want to reduce fat... Give suggestions.


  • Do jogging for 2-3 kilometers every morning
  • Do some pushups, squats and 10-15 min abs workout daily
  • You don't even need to join in the gym or wrokout with heavy equipments causes injury several times.
  • Here is the diet plan with what things not to do :
  • No more than 2 cups of rice everyday
  • No sugar (you can take zero cal tablets instead of tea)
  • No cold drinks, no soft drinks, no juice only natural juices allowed
  • No chips
  • No biryani
  • No fast food
  • No oily foods like singara, puri
  • Now what to do:
  • Try to eat oats in the morning, it's easy to make
  • Try to eat chickpeas in the morning
  • Try eating some nuts in the morning
  • But you can't take any butter
You can go for 3 eggs a day cause you still need some protein to be in shape
Follow those steps strictly just for one month and let me know the change in you.
Trust in the process
There's no magic only hard work brother

questions to ask bodybuilding coach 

We always hear a question at what age to start bodybuilding?
Answer: Many say weight lifting should not be done below 18 years, height decreases, etc. etc
The one you can see in the photo is only 19-20 years old, from obesity excess fat in the beginning, he has gradually taken himself to unique heights through persistence.
A few days ago we participated in Walton Cup organized by BABBF
At what age should you start weight lifting?
To stay fit we all should keep ourselves active by sports every day from a very young age Once upon a time we had the opportunity to play various sports including running in the open field which is not very common in today's mechanized cities.
So we have to find alternative ways to keep ourselves fit In that case, gym can be a good option
If your age is between 15 to 16 17 you can feel free to do different exercises in the gym. There is no need to do too much weight lifting in the beginning, body weight workouts, free hand, cardio etc. can be done.

Weight lifting should be started gradually over time

Then just as the chances of dying at a young age are less, the chances of getting fit and well-rounded are much higher

Height baraba coma has nothing to do with weight lifting On the other hand, weight lifting and doing different types of work out can increase your physique, but this is relative.

Physical height depends entirely on genetic and environmental factors However, if proper nutrition and keeping yourself fit from a young age, then the chances of increasing physical height increase a lot.

However, a 16-year-old's gym workout routine will never be the same as that of an experienced bodybuilder. You have to gradually prepare yourself over time

QuestionIt is not the case that you have to have a large list of foods to build fitness.
The needs of the mind, addiction, dreams, etc. are more important.
It is absolutely necessary to take some planning to the Abhingas.
Answer: 70% diet 15% workout 15% rest
How to reduce stomach quickly and increase arm muscle I want advice from experienced people is it possible to do something within 6/7 months please help....
Answer: quit all sorts of fast-foods and beverages, also reduce the amount of rice you eat. Eat vegetables, eggs, milk, cucumber, dates, bananas, fruits. keep in mind, you should eat slowly.

How to increase chest mass quickly

  • Do at least 100 pushups daily
  • Start with regular pushups and try them to do:
  • Decline Pushups
  • Jumping pushups
  • Explosive negative pushups
  • Clapping pushups
  • Archer pushups
  • Hover pushups
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Do at least 50 squats
  • Do at least 10-15 min workout.
  • Eat healthy
To know more visit my weblink Top 10 chest workout plan

Another bonus advice:

You have lumpy chest so forget about eating junk foods especially cold drinks.

After going to the gym, it would be helpful if you could tell me how the food expenses can come in the month according to the routing.

You can eat what you normally eat at home every day. The main thing is to tell the muscles of the body through the brain that there is a lot of work and the work is increasing every day. The muscles will naturally grow gradually under the command of the head. You must push your muscles up to failure continuously. See for 1 month to 3 months and then talk. Just train your muscles. Best of luck.
I am 21 years old. Currently my weight is 98+. This is the situation today due to laziness and ignorance. But I don't feel good about this situation anymore, so I decided to change it. Now I have stopped taking curves. I have been eating fish, meat and vegetables and eggs for the past few days. Every morning I walk 8-9 km briskly and do some jogging. It is not possible to do everything due to weight. What can I do now? Body hurts a little after walking, still not adapted. What exercises can I do at home? Thank you for praying for me.
First of all free fire games should be eliminated. You have to wake up at night for this. Then every night from 10..00 sleep in the morning Fajr prayer should be performed. Eat a little more of what you eat daily. Also eat 2 eggs every day. Run for at least 30 minutes in the morning. It is better if you can play football in the afternoon. And gastric foods should be avoided
I've been doing gym for a long year and I'm not losing weight.
And muscle, chest, back is not happening.
Please tell me the solution.
I don't diet, I don't use any supplements.
Dependent on natural food.
The body does not get the necessary protein so it does not build muscle. Calorie intake should be reduced to lose weight.

Question: What is the way to increase weight?
Answer: Eat more healthy food
Bro my weight is 96 kg
But I don't feel so heavy,
Everyone says I will not be more than 80 kg
My height may be 6 feet 1/2.
I want to lose weight at least 75 kg.
What can I do in this case?
Everyone give their opinion.
Age: 18+
1- strength training
2- cardio exercise
3- eat high protein diet..
4- reduce carbohydrate..
5- reduce calories intake
6- eat healthy fats

Can anyone give 1 diet lick to reduce belly
If you go to the gym

Healthy Food

Healthy Breakfast

Morning:- Five egg whites, two yolks, five dates, raisins, almonds, two fruits. 2 breads, vegetables, fish, chicken.
Picture: Bodybuilding Motivation

Healthy Lunch

Lunch:- Sea fish, chicken meat, greens, vegetables, salad, rice 2 cups.

Healthy Dinner

Night:- One desi sour fruit, or Malta, guava nut dragon fruit between 7 to 8 pm. Fish, chicken, vegetable salad.
While doing push up the right hand is moving forward by 1 inch, #right side shoulder is a little low, I want advice from elder brothers, is it any problem, I am very tensed,# and I am feeling slight tingling pain in right shoulder.

It didn't matter to me either. When muscles gain they disappear

My height: 5.4
Weight: 66
Body: 36
Age: 19
Now I want to reduce the body. What kind of exercise?
first cardio then lift weight, Eat vegetables, egg, milk, cucumber, dates, bananas, organic products. remember, you ought to eat gradually.

How to reduce belly fast

Abs exercises more, diminish how much rice you eat.

Age: 21
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Weight: 58Kg
I do free hand exercises at home. Now thinking of starting exercise with dumbbells. In that case, how many kg of dumbbells would be better to start with?

2.5 kg. 5 kg after a week. But by building muscle roughly from 10 kg

For lose belly fat and chest fat, which exercises should be perfect?🙂

You cannot spot reduce. When you lose fat, they will reduce from all over your body. Diet matters more than exercises for fat loss.

What is there that can get strength in body but not weight+fat?? I feel weak???

what i do, reduces the rice completely. What I used to eat one hour ago is now two hours. Eggs are regularly boiled and eaten without salt. Keep dates or dry fruits with it. Fatigue does not come. Alhamdulillah the weight is reduced a lot. The body does not get tired by doing gym for two hours straight. A lot of eggs, chicken meat and vegetables should be eaten. Eating rice should be completely reduced. Solve the problem.
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