The Perfect Workout and Tips to Lose Weight 21 Days Challenge 100% weight loss

The Perfect Workout and Tips to Lose Weight 21 Days Challenge

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In this article, we will do 5 compound movements and in every compound movement. We will do an exercise on supersets. However, before starting this workout, you have to do some warmup workout and also dynamic stretching because these exercise are not so easy and simple.

You should start with warmup and treadmill is the best way to warmup and cardio exercise

Music is a nice motivation during workout. So, you can visit my website link music page you can download some Arabic music or I have created some YouTube video link music link, you can just open my link and start workout or you can download in your mobile phone by using Bluetooth you can listen during workout. Your energy level boost up during listening these music. 

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Now, you can do some pushup before going to any hard workout. After pushup, you can start any workout easily because your muscles are ready for any hard workout. Just do it the following video and start workout.

Pushup workout High level warmup

This exercise will help you Attainment of heart rate and core strengthening.

At the end of the movement, We will do the final exercise called Barpee exercise. This exercise will help you lose weight. 

You just need to do this exercise, For 21 days to see best results. First, we'll superset a squat with skipping exercise

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Here we weigh heavily, So weigh it once.

Heavy squat best for weight loss

Now you can do some skipping workout without any rest. 
You should take care of your posture sitting during squat and do this in a controlled and rhythmic manner. 

After 10 repetitions, Drop the bar in the line and start jump for at least  1 minute for skipping. 
Second, we will do a Skipping exercise best for weight loss and warmup 

Next you have to perform push press like military's shoulder press with jumping jacks. You will need a line to print. That's how you carry it.

And then up. Whenever you exhale. Again, focus on your rhythm and control. After 10 repetitions.  
Push press /Overhead press/ Military's Press You will be performing jumping jacks, 30 seconds without taking a break.

Best weight loss or fat loss workout Jumping jack

In the third set we will do two compound exercises one is Deadlifts and another is kettles or kettlebell swing.

First we will do a deadlift. Abs lift, core tight, knees soft and will slowly descend and Then he will come up and breathe and descend slowly.

Deadlift with funny song

After 10 iterations, continuously. You'll have a kettle in 30 seconds. Then spread your legs And sit down to the party. As you straighten your knees. You raise the kettle. You should have a good rhythm while doing this.

Kettlebell swing with shoulder workout perfectly

Keep your back And slowly lower the dumbbells down, Then lift them up and breathe. Ambitious and persistent And then you don't rest.
The board will Breathe normally while doing this. We do fifth, Bowed line with load and bearing. When will we have fun next time?

With a curved grip instead of a normal grip. Stand up straight. The knee flexes from the soft pelvis.  Try placing the bar close to your lower abs.

Lift it up and breathe. Once you have completed 10 repetitions. You put on weight, You will need two dumbbells. 

The weight of the dumbbells must be heavy, You hold both dumbbells like this From here you will start walking. But keep your chest up and your core tight. He takes small steps but walks quickly.

Do each workout at least 30 seconds and repeat the workout until 4 sets where 1 set equals to 12 to 15 repetitions. 

Finally, we will do the final exercise. This should be repeated 20 times. So you have completed your 1st round and do 3-4 rounds in the same way.

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After that, we repeat 10 times. Do 30-second incline dumbbell presses with a plank. For this you need to lie down. Hold back. Then slowly lower the dumbbells. Then lift them up and exhale, Slow and steady. Then there is no rest.

Incline Bench press for upper chest and core tight

The planks must be supported. Breathe normally while doing this. Similarly, you can do some hanging leg raises machine support, support your hand and legs up slightly knee soft not tight. 

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Fifth, we are doing Bend over row with boxing on punching bag. When we bow, Use curled grips instead of regular grips.

Stand up straight. You will bend from the knees to a soft pelvis And try to keep the bar near the lower abdomen.

Lift it up and exhale. Until you complete 10 repetitions. You will lose weight. 

Bend over row best back workout with core tight abs development exercise reduce weight
Now, you have to wear punching gloves to punch on punching bag.

Do this for 30 to 60 seconds. Finally, we'll do the finishing move, the burpee. You have to repeat this operation 20 times.
So, with this, you have completed your 1st round And you have to do the same for 3-4 rounds.

A Boxer Hitting A Punching Bag In Training Boxing weight loss best workout 200% weight loss

Best Weight loss workout Barpee with pushup work for full body It will help you build energy.

Now I will share some million dollar tips, Fatigue will strengthen your journey. First, fast cardio, If you really want to be spoiled, Then do moderate cardio 20-30 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach.

Picture: Best food for diet during weight loss journey

You can also cycle for cardio. Treadmill, elliptical or breaststroke.

It means empty stomach, You can only drink water. You can get additional benefits if you want. Do not eat anything for 30 minutes after cardio.

The second is to avoid processed sugar. You should eliminate artificial sugar from your diet
But you can replace sugar with onions. 

Honey and sugar. Also, Whatever packaged drinks you consume. They contain unnecessary sugar Avoid costs.

Third, eat often. This means that you should not eat too much at once. Divide your daily meals into 4-5 portions.

Check it out at every meal. A large portion should be salad or green beans or green tea.

The second would be protein, The third would be carbohydrates.

The fourth tip is to drink plenty of water. 

If you can drink parsley water at any time of the day, It will be useful for you. Now here is the recipe for making parsley juice. Pick parsley. How to make it?
Two handfuls of spinach And ginger, all this should be mixed with a whisk, With a glass of water And then drink.

Five tips are to stay hydrated. It means drinking plenty of water during the day, Like 4-5 liters of water. If you drink green tea every day. It will be useful for you. Last tip but not least rough sleep. This means it should take 7-8 hours, You need deep sleep.

The right time to sleep is 10 pm to 6 pm. Thank you for reading this article. Please share with your family members and friends and support my website to grow further.

Deep sleep is what you need. The right time to sleep is 10 pm to 6 am. Your stress hormones are down. It can help you lose weight. This is our video for today, hope you like it. If so please like, share and comment.

After 21 days of following this exercise program. Let me know if you get it. No results or not. Keep writing in the comments. I will continue to share these informative article with you.

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