NEW MOVIE TRAILERS, How watching movies can help your mental health? Do you think watching movies is a good way to relax? Does watching movies affect your brain?


How watching movies can help your mental health?

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A trailer is a commercial advertisement, originally for a feature film to be shown in a movie theater/movie in the future. It is a product of creative and technical work. Movies are now popular on DVDs and Blu-ray discs, as well as on the Internet and mobile devices.

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How Movies Trick Your Brain

Mathematician Charles Babbage was with him Astronomer William Herschel. You probably know Babbage as the father of computing and Herschel as the man who found Uranus. It sounds like a fun dinner party. Well, later Over dinner, Herschel asked Babbage a question, "How can you see two sides of a coin?
At the same time? "Well, Babbage's response," Just look at the reflection Mirror, "Was quite a creative solution, but Herschel had a better answer. He turned around The coin on the table, like magic, is like two sides of a coin He was watching them at the same time. Now, the story spread until an Irish doctor heard it And it gave him an idea. He puts two pictures on either side of a disc. And when he cuts them Between the strings, the two images become one.

It was known as thaumatropes. It was one of the most popular toys of the 19th century Centuries, but it was mostly forgotten until the end, except it wasn’t. It and the toy that it is Inspirational reasons why you can watch this video, why movies exist and cartoons and videos Any moving image we see on a game screen, big or small, can trace its origin.

Picture: Deathloop

Simple illusions, can sequentially capture still images and fool our brains. Understanding speed so what does all this work for? Spinning discs are one of the easiest ways To create the illusion of combining images. And in the nineteenth century, he inspired The whole range of so-called philosophical toys, including this one, which is a spinning disc An intersection was made around it. Now, when seen in the mirror, a series of still images on one side Appears as a moving image. Maya of apparent speed. She. A series-inspired Victorian cinematic toy that was sold through commercialization overnight in the 19th-century Thousands more fascinating people around the world.

These cinematic toys became more and more popular Complex, finally giving birth to the era of moving pictures. Despite the truth, No one knew how they worked. In the end, those toys led straight To this invention: the film projector. To create the illusion of movement, a sequence Projected a series of still images, fed into a light source and a set of lenses Pictures on a screen, but only projecting a scrolling stream of still images is enough to create the illusion of motion, we only see an obscure ambiguity.

This illusion of what you do not see. What actually happens on a projector A fixed frame is projected onto the screen, then the screen turns black as the movie progresses. A complete step and the next static diagram are shown.

The film does not run continuously, it continues Frame rate Advanced frames several times per second. Inside the projector is a carefully timed shutter that traps light so that whenever filming takes place Only black can be seen while walking. When this picture The screen flashed too fast, We see a moving picture. Before 2010, it was probably any movie that you Saw in such an auditorium. Most of the time, the movie wasn’t really Running and you spent half your time in the theater in complete darkness. 

Now of course today Movies and other moving images are projected digitally or displayed directly digitally Screens You can watch this incredible clip from our friends Slow Mo Guys, Modern Screens
Instead of millions of individual pixels, still images are no longer glossy black Dozens of times are refreshed every second, but the effect is still the same. What are you getting?

The ray of your eyes is a series of static images and this is true on the big screen. Or small. Thanks to this technology, in the last century and a half, billions of minds are deceived to see moving images that are not really there. Several We look at this illusion every day and don't think twice That's about it and it all goes back to this.

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These were the first forms of moving picture entertainment. However, there are some clues from caves and patterns that belong to prehistoric culture They may have made their own version a long time ago, which is great. Said With these toys our understanding of perspectives has changed, just like biology That changed with the discovery of the microscope. Oral toy-inspired original Questions remain today about how our brains work, how we see the world, and how we create reality.

Uses this illusion to address these questions. I created something that you have to show From the beginning. Hope this works. This is my Eagleman trope. Yes, it works wonderfully Good on video too. I like it. Why does this work? I mean People in the 1830s like toy toys or something? What are you saying So why does it work? 

The reason for this is when the brain sees something, even if it is very fast, your brain is unable to do it. Turn it on and off quickly, so that your brain can see longer than your eyes. This is called the perseverance of sight. The idea of ​​a kind of visual firmness This is long before Babbage's dinner party, even in ancient Greece and Egypt. Soon Philosophers have noticed that the lines of lightning are stuck around for a while The second is split after the flash or the sun is in their sight after they Looked away. Don't look at the sun, okay. The inventor did an experiment Where he saw the sun and became blind. Just don't do it, man. It's bad for you.


In the 11th century, an Arab mathematician and philosopher mentioned that a burning flame was visible Where it appeared a moment ago. Da Vinci and Newton also gave time to these mysteries. All of these early explanations center on the idea that light enters us through peeks Temporarily burns a scene in our eyes, hen it is basically clear, our eyes are refreshed And then the next scene flashes and so on. In 1765 an Irish mathematician Test this with glowing embers. He will calculate the speed you need to rotate Observe the stream of light by forming a perfect circle and estimate the expected refresh rate The eye should be 130 milliseconds. You can try this test for yourself. If you go fast Apparently, a point of light is left behind. These illusions are not just patterns About my camera or shutter speed, you will see them if you try personally. The principle is that The eye works like a camera with a slightly refreshed rate, capturing pieces of the world in a single frame Stuck for a long time, but it's wrong. That's right. It has to do with what is happening A lot of things in the brain happen in the retina and this is only the first stage. 

And then you go back to the visual thalamus of the brain and then to an area of ​​the visual cortex And then the visual cortex in all these areas. All of these things are interactions. These toys and movie and screen effects Create an illusion Today neuroscientists call it apparent motion. When you see a series of static images that seem to be moving away, it's your brain that has been fooled, not your eyes, and how it works is Pretty weird. Look at this arrangement of dots and here is a slightly different arrangement
And others. These points are just points, aren't they? 

                                          Picture: Technado 3

But one after another played fast, at some point These points become something else. And that depends on how the points are arranged To each other, our brains can write very different stories about us when they go See, even invent different characters. Now, look at these two points. What it show Following each other? Or maybe they switched? Well, none of this is true. A point Just moves one around the other, but when you add a moving background, Suddenly realize something else. This may sound like a strategy, but for no apparent reason, The point is to think about following each other. 

They are just the point. One's location The points never change You did this. This is a story invented by you The brain. How about this? Did it vibrate or did they just turn it on and off? So why is our brain inventing? 

That story doesn't exist? Well, this little white lie is an important part of what our brain tells us. Understand the visual information of our world. If I see a bird flying anymore He chases after the tree, then after a while I see the bird come out On the other side of the trunk and for my motion detectors, this is perfectly fine. I say "Oh Great, there was speed, there was smooth movement. "The bird did not disappear, the bird Just don't do it in the real world. Absolutely, absolutely. And this is it This concept of object stability. Your brain wants to say, "I want to Still hang that bird wherever it goes. "I've done a lot of acting with the Mario Brothers Growing up in the old Nintendo. And really, when you see what's happening Frame by frame, if you have a little plumber guy standing there and then all one Suddenly you look like a plumber Have a few pixels away and with your fist There is nothing in it. But when you play the game, you will feel it The character easily jumps into the air. 

That's right and so About the obvious speed. Your brain does all sorts of calculations and says, “Oh wait, there was Mario here and there was a Mario here. It's definitely the same Mario and he's gone. "Your brain makes an unconscious decision Pictures seen in different places and at different times represent the same Things call it correspondence. The snake is not moving in the classic game,

It's a series of blocky shapes, but it explains the stability of our brains Shape in the shape of a single snake in the frame. How else. Based on our understanding Snakes usually move in the real world, we collect those shapes in motion. Until In modern video games the image quality has certainly improved and the technology has improved The number of images playing per second has increased, Which we see as perpetual motion There is a series of still images. The really funny thing is that the brain can do this only in the previous view. So in other words, it collects data from the first frame again Frame two and then it says in reverse, “Ah, it must have gone smoothly between them Things. "And the way we know it is from a visual illusion called a clarify. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way

Do you think watching movies is a good way to relax? 


Let's say a red dot and then I show a blue dot, you guessed it It has moved from place to place, but you will also notice that it has changed Half the color in the middle, and this is possible only when the second point is visible, even if It's like, "Oh, I see this thing and it turns blue," you can only know Condition and color after it is finished. So your mind is going back and writing stories Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. That's perfect. And actually, I made it For this reason, the time a few years ago was called post diction. This is contrary to prophecy, which is Suppose your brain collects all the information.

About a scene before speaking in advance Think about it. You are living in the past about half a second. So when you think that moment happened now, it happened a long time ago, yours The brain is collecting all this information, including what is coming from your eyes.

And your ears and your fingers and your toes and whatever comes Different speeds. Your brain needs to collect everything, sew together and then Say, "Okay, I think it happened." I'm actually starting to question more of reality and As far as we're talking about here. Here is another example. You also have cells in your eyes The visual processing center of your brain that responds quickly enough to detect Flickr Light, but what's really interesting is that there's a fringe where your brain flips, it decides Ignore that flicker and you suddenly see an uninterrupted light source. When the flicker rate With more than 35 flashes per second, your brain says, "I'll smooth it out now.

Look like real life, "Even if your eyes And some part of your brain is feeling flickering Light. Movie Camera records 24 images per second, but if you play it on 24 Flickr Every second, it will look like a strobe light. The shutter of the film projector is blinking twice or thrice For each still image. The digital display is refreshed two or three times before the image changes. It's all over That threshold, so ignore your brain shaking. When you think about this, that's your brain It is taking all this information from your senses, comparing it to your past Think about how things in the universe should behave, then your mind goes back and Write the story of what you saw, it raises many interesting questions, How did our mind end like this? I mean, our species just looks at Maya Some have been like this for centuries, but our brains are much older. We don't Cartoons and TV and video games are created or even with spinning picture discs, but capable To understand motion, even the illusion of motion, has been a huge part of our species' existence. Probably 99 times out of a hundred which was not A tiger in the grass, it was an illusion Speed, but our only ancestors who survived were those whose motion detectors

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This is also true for the hundredth time. For me, I wonder what it looks like Your whole brain, your whole perception world is made up of cells They are trying their best. Inevitably, we found a small error, A strategy we could play in these cells, but we certainly didn't need Developed for movie watching. I'm glad we did though. Otherwise we can't talk here and no one else Watch YouTube. I like this reality. I have always been attracted to visual illusions Because we open our eyes and there is the world and we take it as real and so it is It is very interesting to see how the brain forms this reality. It's like you were A fish in the water and you were asked to describe the water, you can't do that. 

But If you see a bubble in front of you, You might be thinking, "Wow, what's that?" We will be The visual illusion is exactly what it is for us. You almost have to break your mind or find out Its flaws to find out exactly how it works. It is best to do Can with limited information, I guess. Okay, we don’t know what we’re missing, so we think it’s working well, but Maybe in a hundred years when we all wear glasses to detect infrared and Ultraviolet and the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum, maybe we should say, "Wow, that's really.

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I'm doing a terrible job all this time. " A bee, that sounds amazing. So why do videos or movies or games work? We will be The old idea that our eyes work like a camera, that speed shines like light in our eyes A hit film, which is wrong or at least incomplete. Your eyes are really beautiful Understands the universe and feels the still image of what you see and sends that information to your brain, But ours  mind knows that the universe is not like that Works so it fills in the blanks and blends it with something else, something that isn’t Actually there.


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Does watching movies affect your brain?

Imagine if you lived in a dark, silent room isolated from the outside world. The only description of the outside world that you find is the periodic notes under the door. The picture of your reality will be a story that you will write based on that limited amount of information. That's how It's for your mind. In something as simple as watching TV or a movie, it's not about the actors Your mind is creating the story. So what does all this mean? 


Well that's it This means that this video is an illusion, but it is one that you can believe Stay Curious Thanks to Wren for supporting PBS. wren one Website where you calculate your carbon footprint and then offset it by financing the projects you want to plant Protect trees, rainforests and suck carbon from the sky. By answering some questions about yourself Lifestyle, you can find your carbon footprint and how you can reduce it. Now, no one Can reduce your carbon footprint to zero.


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So that you can replenish what is left after that Members below receive monthly updates from tree planting, rainforest conservation And the carbon removal project they support. You will see the trees planted And what does your money cost? You can learn more about Wren's climate project Many thanks to everyone who has supported the show on and, as always, to Patron.

We could not have made this video without you. If you want to know more about How you can support the show, just click on the link below for details Or check out this quick spinning disc. You sleep a lot You want to click the button and support the show in Patreon. In computing And Herschel is the man who searched for Uranus.

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