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Emergency phone number: Remember, get help.

National Emergency Service (999)

In any case, the most urgent number now is 999. This is the national emergency service number of the country. Anyone can call this number from anywhere in the country to get emergency services in case of an accident. The call center is being run under the police. Police, fire service and ambulance services or information related to this number can be obtained by calling this number. You can call 999 free of cost from any phone.

Picture: Fast Aid after injury

Give specific information by phone. In case of any accident, mention the name of the place, road number, and house number. If you see the offender, describe his appearance as much as you can remember. Control irrelevant words and emotions. Calling this number unnecessarily can block your number.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

Health Window (18273)

Anyone can get sick at any time. At this point you may not be able to call any known doctor; Again, some people may not have a known doctor. In such a situation, you can safely call the health window helpline number 16263. This is a helpline run by the Ministry of Health. You can get advice by calling this number and talking directly to your doctor about any health issues. Apart from this, information about government hospitals, doctors, or any other information and phone number related to healthcare can be found in the health window. Any complaints or suggestions regarding government, private healthcare, or hospital can also be reported to this number. The complainant will also be informed of the action taken on the complaint.

According to the health window website, a charge of Tk 2.38 per minute (inclusive of VAT) is applicable for calling this number. Anyone can get health care online by filling in the required information in the prescribed form through this website. However, the advice is, if possible, it is better to call with pen and paper in hand. Know the spelling of the medicine that the doctor will name and write it down immediately. Dosage, that is, how many times a day to eat, if you write down immediately, then there will be no problem. But yes, the patient has to be rushed to the nearest hospital for a major illness.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

Women and Child Abuse Prevention Cell (109 or 10921)

Violence against women and children happens all the time in our country. In order to prevent this abuse, ‘Women and Child Abuse Prevention Cell’ has been launched with the number 10921. If a woman is being abused, attacked by scoundrels, or threatened with humiliation, you can call this number immediately to ask for help. This program is being conducted under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs under the Multisectoral Program for Prevention of Violence against Women. This number is open 24 hours seven days a week.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

Child Helpline (1098)

The Child Helpline 1096 was launched in 2011 to provide 24-hour emergency assistance to disadvantaged, abused and at-risk children. The helpline is run by a non-governmental organization called Unbeatable Bangladesh under the supervision of the Department of Social Services. 

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

Government Legal Services (18430)

Many times poor people do not get legal advice or help due to a lack of money. As a result, some are deprived of justice. The 18430 number was introduced to provide free legal advice and legal aid thinking of them. The National Legal Aid Agency under the Department of Law and Justice has been providing this service since 2016. This number can be called free of cost from any mobile operator and T&T number.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

National Identity Card (105)

Now the national identity card is very important. Many times this identity card is lost, lost. Again, it is seen that the national identity card has to be renewed after reaching adulthood. In that case, if there is a mistake, it has to be corrected. Sometimes it needs to be updated. You can call 105 to know about these or any information about National Identity Card. The Election Commission launched this helpdesk in 2015. Anyone from any part of the country can call 105 and get the necessary information regarding National Identity Card.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

BTRC (100)

Can't go without a phone now. Several companies in the country are coming up with phone services. These companies have customer care to provide customer service. Concerned customers can report information and complaints about the service by calling Customer Care. However, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) launched a call center (100) to strengthen the customer complaints process. Anyone can lodge a complaint by calling this number free of cost.

Bangladesh Bank (18238)

If you are a victim of harassment or have any complaints to get banking services, you can report it directly to Bangladesh Bank on 16263. This is the helpline of Bangladesh Bank. If a customer goes to a bank and is harassed or an official of a bank does not provide proper service to the customer, he can complain to this number. A normal call rate will be applicable for this.

As well as bb. cipc @ bb. org. Complaints can also be made via e-mail to the bd address.

Emergency phone number: Remember, get help

ACC (106)

There is corruption and irregularities in front of the eyes - but do something

We are hopeless during an accident because it comes sudden. We actually do not understand what to do now. Such as cycle or Moto accidents or car accidents. Many people are getting injured during various types of accidents suddenly. However, you should go to the hospital first because you may not get a solution in the early stages.

If your problem is severe then you have to go to the emergency unit in the hospital and then you have to follow the doctor's recommendation. As per the prescription you have to take medicine properly.

Here are some things you need to do quickly if you are cut off or if you are involved in an accident, such as a bicycle accident:

Picture: Fast Aid after injury
1. You need to clean or dress the cut area;
2. The wound should be bandaged with a gauze bandage to stop the bleeding;
3. Cotton can not be stuck in the bloody place, it can cause pus due to infection;
4. The later the dressing, the greater the chance of infection;
5. If you have Sevlon Liquin in your home, you can clean it with Sevlon Liquid in the initial stage but it cannot be stopped with cotton, it should be tied with a gauze bandage;

The dressing should not be done only once, the wound should be cleaned one after the other;

It is better to keep your hands or feet in the open air to dry the wound quickly,  then the wound will dry soon.

You can use the following medicine for various purposes.

·   Viodin – A first Aid Antiseptic maybe use to clean your injured areas;

·   Nebanol Powder 10 mg can be used to dry the infected areas;

·   You can eat Napa Rapid 500 mg just after having a meal; You should not take any pain killer without a doctor's suggestion or prescription;

·   You also need Nexum 20 or sergel 20 mg for gastric purposes before a meal;

·   You can intake Flucox 500 mg which is an antibiotic and you have to intake Flucox 500 for major injury but not just a little cutting problem for 10 days initially after 6 hours after having a meal;

·         You can eat Ceevit table to recover soon;

·         After 3 days you can use some Ointment like Bactrocin;


Five Magical Ways to Heal Wounds Quickly!

   Due to various negligence, we have to suffer accidents. It cuts and causes wounds at various places on the body. Apart from this, many are injured. Which is very painful. And these wounds hurt for a long time. Caesar's cut also takes a long time to dry.

Many people take medicine to get rid of it quickly. But did you know, there are some magical foods that work very quickly to heal wounds. Let us know about those foods without delay-


   You will be pleased to know that chocolate plays a beneficial role in overall health, especially in wound healing.

  According to a report in Contemporary Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, dark chocolate helps regulate healthy blood pressure levels. Blood plays a major role in providing oxygen, nutrients and vitamins to the wound. It also contains powerful antioxidant elements that protect the immune system from infection.

soy protein

    Soy products contain vitamins A, C, D, E and K that help with digestion, boost the immune system and maintain good skin health. It also contains high level of protein which helps in the formation of new tissues.


   Honey contains more vitamins and amino acids than sugar. Applying honey after cleaning the wound reduces swelling, pain and swelling. Its antibacterial ingredients help prevent wound infection. Eating 1 teaspoon of honey daily increases immunity. Also dairy products, sweet potatoes, ghee, turmeric, zinc, foods rich in protein and vitamin A help in quick wound healing.


   Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which is missing from many other foods. This ingredient works against oxidation to protect the body's cells from damage and also helps in boosting immunity. Thus tomato lycopene helps in reducing the risk of wound infection. Eat tomatoes as a sauce or with salads or sandwiches to heal wounds.


   Cruciferous vegetables contain high levels of phytonutrients that help reduce inflammation and boost immune function. Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in broccoli, from blood vessels to the upper layers of the skin. Add this delicious superfood to your breakfast with eggs or pasta or a salad.

Doctor’s Suggestion for back pain:

For pain:

Naprosyn plus 500 mg  - 1 pata

myonil tab     - 1 pata

Move spray 

For Gas:

Sergel 40mg of Esomeprazole

 Sudden dizziness and accidents can happen. It cannot be ignored. There are many causes of dizziness. However, more dizziness occurs due to a nerve problem called vestibulococcal inside the ear.

Unnecessary, anxious, drug side effects, coronary artery abnormalities, otitis media, meningitis, abnormal vision problems, dizziness when looking at platforms from a moving train or car. In addition, uncontrolled high blood pressure, blockage of blood vessels in the back of the head and neck, tumors in the lower part of the brain, multiple sclerosis, viral vestibular neuritis, minor diseases in middle-aged people, and stroke can cause head damage, Etc.  In addition to dizziness, there may be shortness of breath or ringing in the ears. Many times changing the position of the head or neck increases or decreases the problem.

Whatever you do

It is best to get support and sit up if your head suddenly turns. People with benign vertigo problems have dizziness when they suddenly change the position of their necks or head. So go to bed at night and sleep with your head on a high pillow. Do not suddenly pull the head or neck high, do not shake the head.

Avoid doing things that make you dizzy. Lie on your back. Close your eyes and Breathe easily. Call someone for help. Put your foot on the brakes and stop while driving. Lie down in the side seat. Whatever is planned and within reach. Don't take extra pressure.

Do not eat for a long time. If you don't eat food due to work pressure and your blood sugar level drops, eat something fast. Drink more fluids at this time. Some medications can cause dizziness symptoms. Tell your doctor if you have any problems taking any medicine.

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