Gym motivation song Bodybuilding and fitness tips

Gym motivation song Bodybuilding and fitness tips

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My enjoyment of the sport has a lot to do with the journey that I have made over the years. I hope that whatever I say to the audience, if you put your mind, heart and soul into something. Win or draw, you will get the satisfaction you are looking for. But beyond my inspiration, my motivation is only to win Mr. Olympia. It is to show you that we were not born that way. It takes a certain amount of time to achieve a certain look. 

At any level of competition, this is what it takes to be a champion Training, competition, determination, transfer of power, motivation and all other purposes of being a criminal maker. To do this, I need every bit of strength and willpower and drive and determination that I have ever received. In bodybuilding you can't push your toes through a workout.

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You can’t fake eating 6 or 7 meals a day. I'm embedded I go to the gym and I'm ready to leave. With rigorous training and then partying at night you will not be able to recover properly. It's all or nothing !! As a result of this problem I have focused on the laser to try to find my best package. Because everything I do goes up or down. Day after day out. Learn your body, use mirrors as your guide, bulk up and down and let them see what you can do for yourself. 

When I study and analyze my body composition, I do not look in the mirror with admiration or satisfaction. Because then you will be happy. And when you are happy with your progress, there is someone else behind you who is working hard. They are not happy, and I am never happy with what I see.

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As a bodybuilder, as an athlete you need to know where you are going. But you also have to see where you are coming from. When I see sweat on the ground, 

I have to match it or I have to double it. Most of the time when they start dieting and when they start to lose energy they start to feel sorry for themselves. You can't get it from me. You won't get any discount here. I left out their diet, I need to be a better bodybuilder than them. If you put your mind, body and soul into it, you can accomplish whatever you want. So when I look in the mirror, I know that the mirror is not facing me. Vs. Maybe I have friends or fans who tell me I'm great when I'm not really. You can really believe that there is a set of eyes.

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And that's one you look back in the mirror. Most of my attitude is that I am very optimistic and every day I reflect and say yes. I put it in the gym, I did my best. Forward with us the next day! He is the mark of a champion, never happy and always trying to be good.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program

Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger

The first year I started training at Bench Press, Inline and the last 10 years when I was training Press at different levels, so start low, medium And high, and then fly. I mean, I had flies an exercise that gave me.

Full pectoral muscle development, because I went all the way out and almost fell to the ground And I was a big believer in expanding the chest as much as possible, and remember that because Getting muscle is always the most important thing to gain Drink stretched and flexible. And so, I think, all the way out with dumbbells. 

You can get stretched, and then reach up and then touch the dumbbells and then you flex like most muscles up, and then going out again, these were exercises like mine, you can't replace any machine. That was it. One of the biggest things, of course, is building shape and increasing muscle mass, which sometimes hits a wall in the body. 

"And then I know you're coming back" to the bench press and then you "go to the chin-up bar and come back to the bench press." I know that routine. "I know what you're doing" and I'm ready for it.

Body, and knowing this breast, I'll start with that 135 And then I'll go to 225 and 275, I'll go And now start with 315, and I'm going to do 20 repetitions with 315.

And then I go and draw the boys plate and then there are 225 left and then I do 10 again. And then I give him another 45 pound plate and then I have 135 left, and then I go 10 more again. Or maybe if I can, do it 15 or 20 times and see if the pectoral muscles are used to it. Then you will always see your pectoral muscles vibrate later. I didn't know what to do because he was shrinking and he was being tortured and hurt.

Because you have pushed the muscles now. (Rattling film) Bend the rowing with barrel and T-bar rowing. I mean, the thickness that any rowing exercise uses, the exercises that I always rely on from beginning to end. There are many bodybuilders who have a deficiency in the lower back and lower back extensions that you only get from stiff leg deadlifts and regular deadlifts and rowing and twisting in everything. Unsupported in your chest.

When rowing you need to free your body and keep your back down. We closed the bench Bend over the rowing while balancing on a bench up to 315 pounds, as this gives you strength and thickness back, remember that you need width and your thickness during training, but you have thickness at the bottom of your back. Required, top thickness on your back and outer back and center back.

So you need to train and exercise for all these different things. Carl, Barbell Carl. I was ripping with Barbell Curly 275. Most of the time we start with weights, heavy weights and only one rep. Then I ask them to draw and curl the plate, but I can now do two repetitions. Then pull the plate and repeat three, then draw more plates and then repeat four more. And so I have to go up, not down the bar.

To really tell Biceps, "You don't know what's going to happen," you won't get used to my training method. I mean, barbell curling, inline bench dumbbell curling and density curling are essential for creating biceps thickness. Because the curl separates the density of the biceps with the heavy weight, not the light weight, but the heavy weight, but they need to separate it and really focus and create the outer peaks of the biceps that you need when returning your shots. Triceps was a very thin bench press then Use the triceps extension below and then use the overhead triceps extension with one and both hands and then use the triceps extension outside the bar where you let the head go under the bar and press
Your own body weight. Shoulder. Dumbbell Press, Barbell Press.
Front and back. I mean, we've always had the press back on the back of the neck. The military press, the dumbbell press, is now known as the Arnold press, because it was a unique way to expand the frontal deltoid. We come down here with an angle, not just here, they come down the whole thing and then go out to spin.

Get up and make it completely flexible. And then the lateral growth, and especially Curved in the lateral lift of the bench, it is a 45-degree bench. This is a specialty that I learned at Vince Gironder Gym. This cut out was in his face where you can still breathe, where You do not have to look away but you can breathe. But it turns 45 degrees and your wrist that way and that’s a great one Rear deltoid exercise. We entered many times, One day a week in the gym when we would go to the 110-pound dumbbells and push the dumbbells, we would do six repetitions.

That's all we can do, six reps. So we picked up the century And the other six delegates did. Put them down and climb 90 and did the other six reps. Then we pick up the 80's and go down to the 40's and we can only do six repetitions with the 40's. But I can tell you I didn't know where to put my hand, because my deltoids were screaming. They were in pain. Why? Because I pushed the muscles. (Film Mirror) Scatta is the most important thing to me.

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