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These are two things that are going to be completely unused in today's world. This is the root cause of frustration. If you only want to do physical work, you eat the same way; Mental things on the other hand. So it is very important to eat the right kind of food. This means that you are getting there faster, both physically and mentally. If this is achieved, then you will have reasonably complete people who will live their lives to the fullest. The word 'health' is derived from the root word 'hole', which means to feel healthy, to be complete, to feel complete.

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For this to happen, our body must be alive, our physical energy must be alive, our mind must be happy, our emotions must be overwhelmed - then you will feel fullness.

Basically a certain allocation of energy for action in humans, a certain allocation of energy for intelligence, specific emotional energy allocation, there are various such allocations. It varies from person to person.

But the amount of energy that is usually allocated ... especially for physical activity and mental level, these two things are becoming completely unsuitable in today's world. It is
The root cause of frustration, believe me. First of all I tell the kids who bring me all kinds of mental illnesses, some games they like, swimming, tennis, some songs and much more. These two things bring you within three months of their life, most children, eighty to seventy-five percent, will get surprisingly well because they have not found expression of their mental level and if not enough hard work for physical exertion.

Body, they are forced to be depressed. Today it seems that sunrise means they can see on the phone screen.

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But this is something you can do if you have kids, vacation means don't take them to Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai or anywhere else, just take them, go for a walk in the jungle or take them in a small boat. Or whatever, nature needs some exposure. You will see how excited the kids will be and how involved they are. It must be understood, Your physical and mental health can be easily managed if you come in contact with nature, water, soil, light and other similar elements. If you are more open, you will become more physically and mentally balanced, which is a must for every human being. We have cooked such food in this country. If you only want to do physical work, you eat the same way; Mental things on the other hand; But today none of us are in that position, we have to be physically and mentally sharp, right?

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Only the monopoly of physical labor and mental labor has come to an end. So it is very important to eat the right kind of food. In particular, some very positive things are Ash Carla - if you drink a glass of Ash Carla juice every day, you will clearly see that your intelligence will automatically increase, you will be mentally very fast. , Just like you now children in particular must drink ash juice. Playing Carla Ash every day will make it clear that your mind will become clearer and sharper. This ash will become noticeable within a few weeks of eating karla. If you drink coffee, it gives you energy with movement. You drink a glass of ash juice, it gives you a lot of energy. It also keeps you very, very calm. Drinking honey every day can work wonders make honey culture a part of your life, especially if you have kids at home.

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Psychological stability, physical well-being, vitality, all these things can be greatly enhanced, just by eating honey every day. Did you know that the process of cleansing the body, the process of emptying your bowels or the process of emptying your bladder or breathing or sweating - these are different ways the body is trying to cleanse itself - these have different levels in the body. If you are in good health, if you are in very good health and if you eat the right kind of food, when you empty your bowels, there should be nothing in your colon, not even a sign. . It's in yoga Very, very important, the colon is being cleaned, otherwise it will come to your head, really.

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We need a good night's rest to recharge your energy for the next day. Failure to get eight hours of sleep a night can negatively affect and worsen your mental health. At the Sleep Health Foundation, people who are already suffering from mental illness are more likely to have more health problems.

Being able to get their full rest not only makes you depressed and wrinkled because you don’t get enough sleep but it is not the best thing for your long term mental well-being and a diary can surprise you by expressing gratitude to you at number eight. Our mentality. Thanks to wellness Increased happiness is associated with improved mental health and well-being.

According to psychologist Patricia Hardneck, Hardneck notes that the best research method to increase the feeling of gratitude is to keep a thank you diary or write a daily thank you list which means writing something before the morning walk that you are grateful for, no matter how big. Or easy.

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